I got the idea to make an enneagram "myths and legends" page. The idea behind this was to dispel a lot of the misconceptions floating around about the enneagram, especially on the net. I also wanted to make a site that would clarify some of the misidentifications between types, since a lot of the information on misidentifications tends to incorporate less-than-helpful information, such as the type of art one does or whether a certain type is political, intellectual, etcetera. I'm also including information on subtypes and a review of the resources out there. It's a constant work-in-progress, and as my understanding of the enneagram continues to grow, I will no doubt develop and tweak it.

I'm opting not to include a basic primer to the enneagram, since there are already a lot of sites that provide that information. Instead, I'm sticking to where I think I have something new to say or can provide less easy-to-find information. I do have a section on resources that includes brief reviews of both the books and the websites on the enneagram. Also, if you would like to take a short test to give you an idea of what your enneagram type might possibly be, I would suggest the RHETI sampler. After taking the test, you can read the type descriptions on the site. The Enneagram Explorations Site has some useful information as well.

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